How can we help you?

DCE Global offers professional consulting that encompasses four divisional areas - Electrical, Data & Comms, Enclosures and Components. We are the innovative engineers you approach when your business and/or project requires a singular deliverable to a specific issue, or an entire product solution to empower you to run more efficiently.

Our dedicated team will work with you from implementation to logistics. We plan, design, manufacture and deliver custom projects for both public and private industry. We are committed to providing relevant and feasible solutions. We do this through collaboration and aim to exceed in quality and safety. Your final commodity will be created to withstand the environment it is needed to function in.

What sets DCE apart, is that we can offer you a complete service, rather than having to use multiple suppliers to achieve your final result. We have the tools, the tenacity and the team to deliver a quality tailored end product. Arrange a meeting with us today to discover how we can empower your business.


We encompass four divisional areas – Electrical, Data & Communications, Enclosures and Components. Our products are deployed across diverse and complex industries. These include power and utilities, rail, telecommunications, construction, hospitality, audio-visual and security. We also develop and range standard products for general distribution via our partners.

Our Story

Samuel Salib created DCE through the desire to seek new challenges and create efficient products that would be used globally. Using his international business acumen and knowledge of engineering, he is driven by being an integral part of motivating and empowering businesses to achieve every success possible.

Initially, DCE’s focus was developing and ranging standard products and systems for general distribution, then grew to customised projects. The company’s growth and success is attributed to Samuel’s on-going commitment to clients, suppliers and building a diverse team of people who have strong ethics, collective abilities and excellent technical skills.

With a primary focus on client collaboration, DCE is quickly building a solid reputation for being the go to engineering consultants when you need effective and feasible solutions for your business.