What we do

We are unique from the perspective that we can provide solutions from start to finish. We have the technical expertise and an in-house engineering team to assist you with all kinds of engineering projects. Our business structure is methodical and efficient; therefore we can pass on cost reductions during the R&D and design phases while creating and maintaining superior products. Following are the services we provide.

Engineering Consulting
We provide clear and practical advice to maximise efficiency and flexibility of a product or system by merging management, design, technical solutions and testing.

Research and Development (R&D)
At DCE, we assist clients through the initial stage of the engineering process. It is during this stage we collaborate with you as to what, when, how and where a product is to be made.

After stringent research and collaboration, we commence the design phase. We create 3D models using state of the art engineering software. We then render your model so you can visualise how your product will function.

Testing and Compliance
This is an integral component in all engineering products and processes. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure a product or system is created to meet Australian and global standards of quality and safety compliance.

We have vast knowledge and understanding of materials and how to use them in combination. This is vital in the manufacturing process and can make or break the success of your product or system in its functional environment. We continue to innovate with the best people, the newest technologies and leading manufacturing techniques to provide the highest quality product.

We plan, execute and control the movement of goods. Whether it is domestic or international; or whatever the mode of transport (road, sea or air), we have experienced people to handle the entire process.


DCE Global encompasses four divisional areas:

From standard building wires and underground mains, to customised solutions for unique projects.

Data and Communications
Designed and tested to exceed standards for LANs, WANs, backbone and high-speed infrastructure cabling.

Electrical and data enclosure kits used within residential, commercial and enterprise applications.

Customisation in manufacturing of a wide range of parts and entire systems made up of various materials including metal, plastic, composites and rubber to name a few.



Our products and services cover diverse and complex industries. At DCE, we specifically focus on the following:

  • Power and Utilities
  • Rail
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Audio-visual
  • Security

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This is a universal business objective, due to the ever-increasing number of regulations that demand corporate vigilance to maintain compliance.. Ensuring your product or system meets these standards is of utmost significance at DCE.

We have professional engineers with experiences in a vast range of disciplines. Whether it is ISO, IEC, IEEE or AS/NZS, DCE can interpret these requirements and structure documentation for compliance or plan for the testing required in certifying a product or process.

Testing has always been a vital part of the engineering process. We use the most stringent testing methods to make sure all our final products and systems comply with the relevant requirements. Through extensive experience, we have very close relationships with independent internationally recognised laboratories where they test products for ISO, IEC, IEEE or AS/NZS requirements.

Safety is fundamental to our everyday culture whether it is in the office or at a project site. Another facet we analyse is the safety engineering detail in the project and/or product lifecycle. We systematically evaluate through the process of hazard identification, hazard analysis and control.

Quality Control
Producing the highest quality standards in a product or system begins from R&D, through to design and manufacture. We meet strict quality control procedures from our office, to the factory and apply it through to logistics. Our products and systems are sample tested and packed to ensure you receive items that not only meet your requirements, but also exceed your expectations.