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    Australians are being trained for jobs that may be obsolete in the near future

    08.07.15 | Manufacturing

    Automation and artificial intelligence doing high-level cognitive work may sound like the stuff of the future, but perhaps this future isn’t far off. Automation and robotics technologies are already starting to change the scope of the work force, as we know it.

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    Why you should pay more attention to the 3D printer industry

    08.07.15 | Manufacturing

    When we think of innovations we think of those life-changing inventions that have changed the course of history and disrupted numerous industries in the process like the television, personal computer, and mobile phone. 3D printing technology may just be next on that list.

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    Why we still need a bustling manufacturing industry in Australia

    08.07.15 | Manufacturing, Design and Innovation

    With the mining boom slowing, the weakening of the Australian dollar and the growing unemployment rate, it’s becoming increasingly important that we look to other sources of income to fill in the gap in our economy — and this source may come in the form of manufacturing.

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    The power of metal

    02.10.15 | Manufacturing

    Metal is one of the most common materials used in the industrial world – but very few people know the process of how raw metal is transformed into a finished product. Like other manufacturing processes, metal manufacturing requires the use of both humans and automated robots.

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