We develop and range standard products for general distribution via our partners. We aim to provide you with competitively priced, quality products and systems with customer service and delivery schedules that meet your needs. DCE Global encompasses four divisional areas:

From standard building wires and underground mains, to customised solutions for unique projects.

Data and Communications
Designed and tested to exceed standards for LANs, WANs, backbone and high-speed infrastructure cabling.

Electrical and data enclosure kits used within residential, commercial and enterprise applications.

Customisation in manufacturing of a wide range of parts and entire systems made up of various materials including metal, plastic, composites and rubber to name a few.

All of our products are designed and rigorously tested in accordance with Australian and global standards for quality and safety. They cover diverse and complex industries. We specifically focus on power and utilities, rail, telecommunications, construction, hospitality, audio-visual and security. At DCE, we don't simply offer standard products. In collaboration with our team, we can design, model, prototype, sample and manufacture a singular or entire product solution. Contact our team for more information.