Category 6 UTP Networking Cable (305m)

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DCE GLOBAL Cat6 networking cable is designed and manufactured for use in Local Area Network (LAN), distribution and backbone cabling (250MHz) for 100Mbps TPDDI, 622Mbps ATM/100 Base T, IEEE802.3 /802.5, GigE and broadband digital video applications

AS/ACIF S008:2006

Conductor: 1x0.58mm (23AWG) Solid Copper Conductor

Insulation Material: HDPE Insulated and PVC Sheathed

Pairs: 4

•Blue + White-Blue

•Orange + White-Orange

•Green + White-Green

•Brown + White-Brown

Sheath Colour: Grey (other colours available)

Overall Diameter: 6.1mm

Approximate Weight: 4.0kg/100m

305m Easy-Pull Box (5-ply) with Reel Inside