6mm2 x 2 Core PVC Twin Flat Electric Cable

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DCE GLOBAL has designed a complete range of building wires to suit both residential and commercial applications with the end user in mind. Our flat cable range is designed with 3V-90 easy tear sheathing, enabling faster cable stripping and termination, that exceed the required standards for mechanical endurance and thermal tolerances.

AS/NZS 5000.2

Voltage Rating: 450/750V
Conductor: 6mm2 x 2 Core Annealed Copper
Insulation Type: V-90 PVC
Insulation Colour: Red + White
Insulation Thickness: 0.8mm
Sheath Type: 3V-90 Easy Tear PVC
Sheath Colour: White
Sheath Thickness: 1.1mm
Overall Diameter: 11.6 x 6.9mm
Approximate Weight: 18.59kg

100m Plastic Reel